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Stuttgart is the capital of the state of Baden-Württemberg and with over 600,000 inhabitants its largest city. The sixth largest city in Germany is divided into 23 districts.

Inner city districts

Stuttgart-Mitte Stuttgat-Nord Stuttgart-Ost Stuttgart-Süd Stuttgart-West

Outside municipalities

Bad Cannstatt Birkach Botnang Degerloch Feuerbach Hedelfingen Möhringen Mulhouse Münster Obertürkheim Plieningen Sillenbuch Stammheim Untertürkheim Vaihingen Wangen Weilimdorf Zuffenhausen

The Stuttgart cityscape is characterized by many heights (some vineyards), valleys (especially the Stuttgart basin and the Neckar valley), green areas (including Rosensteinpark, castle garden) and a dense urban development with much postwar architecture, various monuments, church buildings and some skyscrapers ,

The urban area extends over a height difference of nearly 350 m, which is a special feature among the big cities: the height ranges from 207 m above sea level. NN at the Neckarschleuse Hofen to 549 m on the Bernhartshöhe near the motorway junction Stuttgart. Among the most prominent surveys include the Birkenkopf (511 m) at the edge of the basin, the Württemberg (411 m) above the Neckar valley and the Green Heiner (395 m) on the northwestern city limits.

neighboring communities

The following cities and municipalities border the state capital Stuttgart. They are called in a clockwise direction, starting in the northeast: Fellbach, Kernen im Remstal (all Rems-Murr-Kreis), Esslingen am Neckar, Ostfildern, Neuhausen on the Fildern, Filderstadt and Leinfelden-Echterdingen (all district Esslingen), Sindelfingen and Leonberg (District Böblingen) as well as Gerlingen, Ditzingen, Korntal-Münchingen, Möglingen, Kornwestheim and Remseck am Neckar (all district Ludwigsburg). Thus, four of the five districts of the Stuttgart region border on the city district of Stuttgart.

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